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How I Did (not) Enroll My Two-Year-Old Son in Nursery

by Simona from Simigarten
Enrolling my child in kindergarten brought a mix of excitement, nervousness, and overwhelming memories. As I navigated the world of institutional education, I was faced with the challenging decision: Is kindergarten the right fit for my child? Dive into our…

Parents, You Don’t Need To Prepare Breakfast for Kids Every Day: Here’s Why

by Simona from Simigarten
Hey there, amazing parents! Are you tired of scrambling to prepare breakfast for your kids every single day? We’ve got some fantastic news for you! Say goodbye to those early morning kitchen struggles because we have a game-changing solution that…

Unlocking Effective Parenting: How to Say NO Without Saying NO

by Simona from Simigarten
Discover the Art of Saying NO Without Actually Saying It! Learn the power of positive communication and constructive methods to handle any situation gracefully….

Challenges of Traditional Kindergarten Education

by Simona from Simigarten
Raising a child with a different method from traditional parenting techniques can be challenging, but worth it. This article highlights the journey of a kindergarten teacher, who wanted to raise her son without praise and condemnation, rewards, or punishments. After…

What To Do When Children Are Not Listening?

by Simona from Simigarten
Can’t get your kids to listen? Maybe they’re just pretending not to hear you so they can avoid chores. Or maybe they really can’t hear you because they have superhuman earwax that can block out anything. But if that’s not…

Parenting with Efficiency: How to Save Your Energy and Focus on What Matters

by Simona from Simigarten
If you ever feel exhausted as a parent and want to escape somewhere, this article is for you. Being a parent is a role that requires high-energy, and can also be very demanding. Caring for our children requires a lot…
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