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Challenges of Traditional Kindergarten Education

Raising a child with a different method from traditional parenting techniques can be challenging, but worth it. This article highlights the journey of a kindergarten teacher, who wanted to raise her son without praise and condemnation, rewards, or punishments. After years of study, she began teaching in kindergartens, working in over 20 in five European countries. However, the large number of children in each class made it difficult for her to approach them individually and with respect, leading her to think that the ideal teacher-to-child ratio should be a maximum of ten children.

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What To Do When Children Are Not Listening?

Can’t get your kids to listen? Maybe they’re just pretending not to hear you so they can avoid chores. Or maybe they really can’t hear you because they have superhuman earwax that can block out anything. But if that’s not the case, there might be something else going on – like a hearing problem. It’s like a mystery novel, but with less murder and more frustration!

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