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Author: Simona from Simigarten - Simigarten

How I Did (not) Enroll My Two-Year-Old Son in Nursery

Enrolling my child in kindergarten brought a mix of excitement, nervousness, and overwhelming memories. As I navigated the world of institutional education, I was faced with the challenging decision: Is kindergarten the right fit for my child? Dive into our journey, the emotional challenges, and the importance of listening to your child’s needs.

Challenges of Traditional Kindergarten Education

Raising a child with a different method from traditional parenting techniques can be challenging, but worth it. This article highlights the journey of a kindergarten teacher, who wanted to raise her son without praise and condemnation, rewards, or punishments. After years of study, she began teaching in kindergartens, working in over 20 in five European countries. However, the large number of children in each class made it difficult for her to approach them individually and with respect, leading her to think that the ideal teacher-to-child ratio should be a maximum of ten children.

What To Do When Children Are Not Listening?

Can’t get your kids to listen? Maybe they’re just pretending not to hear you so they can avoid chores. Or maybe they really can’t hear you because they have superhuman earwax that can block out anything. But if that’s not the case, there might be something else going on – like a hearing problem. It’s like a mystery novel, but with less murder and more frustration!

You Spanked Your Child And Now You Are Sorry

At that moment it was enough for you. You spanked the older one and told him a few not-very-nice things. Like he should be ashamed of himself, such a big boy and acting out like that!

Why Is Your Toddler Throwing Things? And What You Can Do About It!

They have achieved this fantastic developmental milestone in their gross and fine motoric. And they are ready to test it and improve it.

For toddlers, it is very interesting to watch how different objects act in different situations. What sound does a plastic piece of lego make when hitting the wooden floor? And what happens when the pacifier lands in the glass of water across the table?

25 Funny Parenting Quotes

We’ve gathered some of the most hilarious and true parenting quotes that are spoken by parents like you. Take a break from parenting, even if it’s just for a few minutes, and enjoy.

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